Monday, December 22, 2008

Month 7 - Not making much progress anymore

So went and had some studio shots done to hand out for Xmas. Family has all the old photos and I don't want to look at them anymore! lol Amazing how many people tell me how much younger I look. In the top photo I look like a high school grad not an MBA grad.

Still no change really in the situation. The puffiness hasn't changed much. My teeth are a less sensitive now. Am able to use my Sonicare brush again. Bottom lip still a bit numb on the right. Hope it doesn't mean it is permanent. I have feeling there but it is still creepy to touch. Like when it is coming out of being asleep. Feels tight all the time like it is dry. No amount of chapstick can help it though.

3 more months of braces, can't wait! Keeping fingers crossed I get the feeling back completely. It has still all been worth it.

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